Welcome to our new site!

It's finally here! Our beautiful new website--thanks to HostBaby! We are a little sad to say goodbye to our old site which was voted "Worst band website of all time" by the Seattle News, but we think this website suits us much better. If you do ever get a hankering to see the "worst band website in the world, it's still live here.

About the new site . . . OMG why didn't we do this sooner! We've already booked 3 shows since we launched the new site and you guys have had nothing but good things to say. It's ridiculous how quick and easy it was to set up. We now have access to all these awesome promotion tools, social features, and email marketing stuff--and it looks freaking fantastic.  HostBaby, we love you!

Originally, we shopped around for web designers, but we couldn’t afford the 3-5 thousand dollar price tag that the local web design guys wanted. HostBaby was super easy and cheap and you can change the design in a heartbeat. If you need a website refresh--well, you know where to go :)



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